Why do I need a coach and how can I tell if I've found the right one?

For the most part, cycling gives back what you put in. If you want more from your cycling, you will have to invest more in your cycling and that usually means hiring a personal coach, especially if you plan to race competitively. A professionally trained and experienced coach has spent a significant part of their life in training and gaining valuable experience in the same way any other professional develops.

This training and experience means that you don't have to reinvent the wheel for the sport in which you want to do well. Plus a coach provides you with objective and professional feedback that helps you improve to a higher level.
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What's the difference between some of the other online programs and what you offer?

Many of the popular online programs use coaches in training that are practicing on you, which is one of the big reasons they depend so heavily on Power Taps and other measurement devices; they can plug the information into a computer and it gives them a generic response.

That's probably why all of the other online coaching programs I have looked at require you to purchase expensive monitoring equipment that you really don't need. Plus none of them offer training and strategies, tactics, and sports psychology like I do, with only one other site that I've found offering information about riding discipline.
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How can you train me without a Power Tap or other feedback devices that some of the other training programs require?

I use the feedback that your body provides me naturally. You body is designed to provide your mind with considerable feedback through development and symptoms. I use these natural forms of feedback that are in many ways superior to some of the current feedback methods that depend on computer programs.
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What if I don't improve?

With my program the only way that you won't improve is by not following the program. See my guarantee below.
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How long will it take to see an improvement?

It will take anywhere from a few weeks to few months to see basic improvements, though some people will see improvements within one or two weeks especially if they are overtrained. Even though I offer a minimum of one 4-month training period, you'll see your greatest results in about a year.
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Do I need to race to take advantage of your Personal Coaching?

No, you will have very similar fitness development requirements for recreational cycling, and your body will respond in the same way to exercise and rest based on the specific training schedules I provide.
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I'm a recreational rider that just wants to ride better. Can you help me?

Definitely, I can help you in all areas including fitness development, psychology, and riding discipline. I can easily improve your enjoyment of cycling.
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Is your program guaranteed?

Yes. If at anytime during your training program you are not completely satisfied with the results you've achieved, or feel like my program isn't making you a stronger, better rider while increasing your overall enjoyment of the sport, you can cancel the program and you won't owe me another cent.

After over 30-years, I know how to get the results you're after so I don't mind giving this type of guarantee. All I ask is that you just follow my program so you can see the results. That's it. No conditions. No fine print.

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