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Training Manual - A Better Way To Train

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A Better Way to Train by Carl CantrellA Better Way To Train is a complete 'how to' training manual for both the competitive and recreational cyclist - written specifically to answer all the questions cyclists have about training and racing.

Let me explain...

In 1998 I launched my website with the offer of free help and advice. I answered thousands of emails from cyclists all over the world looking for real racing and training information - information that they just couldn't find anywhere else.

I began posting the answers and chapters on my website for feedback, which brought more questions, answers and articles - and so on. After over four years - and after answering thousands of emails and posting hundreds of articles, the emails began to taper off, and the testimonials started to pour in.

In August of 2003, I had it organized and converted into an affordable eBook format, so everyone could benefit from this never before published information.

You'll find that my book - unlike other programs and books on the market that simply work on fitness - covers the mind, the body, strategies, professional riding, the bike, coaching, pro-tactics, event management and more - No other cycling book on the market does all of this!

You'll get:

Proven coaching techniques;
On and off-season programs that work;
Pro-tactics that will improve your cycling;
35 years racing knowledge & strategies;
In-depth sports psychology;
Custom Training Tools

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Whether you’re starting out, want to turn pro - or just hammer off the front of your next group ride, you’ll have everything you need to move your cycling to a higher level, without the need for expensive feedback devices.

In my book, I offer you the tools of knowledge, experience, and success that you can use to improve your cycling. The question is:

Will you use these tools against your competition - or will your competition use them against you?


Take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn from a veteran coach.

You can use this PayPal link to purchase my book online. Once you've completed your purchase you'll be able to immediately download your book to your computer and get going right away!

Coach Carl Cantrell

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A Few Testimonials...

"I have read many other books and none have come close to yours. Well done!"

"Since finding your web site five weeks ago, I took two weeks off and read your book. I also took my heart rate monitor and power meter off my bike...

"This book is fantastic and a great resource for all riders!"

"You have the best info I have ever come across on bicycle racing."

"The training log is perfect it has everything you need! The event Logs will come in handy as I am the senior course Marshall and Official for the region."

"There is NO other manual out there like this; it's a one of a kind. I really wish I had this when I started racing. It would have saved me a lot of headaches and time."

"I have just finished your book. it is GREAT! You have included a lot of details that I could not find anywhere else!"

"About your new ebook...662 pages…. Wow. This is not like anything else I ever seen. To be able to write about so many aspects of cycling shows you really know your stuff!"

"I consider your book the best buy in cycling training available today. Worth far more than you charge for it."

"The tactical and strategic information is simply not available anywhere else. Someone else commented that you've done more to increase the quality of racing in this country than Lance and I couldn't agree more."


Includes Custom Training Tools

Event Graph in Excel

Action - Reaction Graph in Excel

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