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This is the information I need to set up your initial program.

Not all of these questions will have to be answered in their entirety for instance you may not know what your exact goals are yet and maybe you don't have any specific races or tours in mind right now. That's OK. Just complete what applies to you.

If you need to make payment, you can follow the link on the Form Confirmation Page when you are finished, or go Here.

If you would like to print out these questions, go here. Be sure to Contact Me if you have any questions!

Coach Carl Cantrell

Contact Information

First Name

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Rider Information

Racing Category
Explain Other Racing Category:
Sports Specialties
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Road Cycling
Track Cycling
Mountain Bike (MTB)
Recreational Cycling
Other (Explain Below)
Explain Other Sports Specialties:
Please tell me about your life's priorities for instance; family, job, racing, etc.
The beginning of your racing/touring season:
The end of your racing or touring season:
Please provide a list of the events you have been doing, distance, and how well you did:
Please give me a detailed weekly training program showing the miles you ride, and how you ride for each of the seven-week days for your current training.

You can type as much as you want in each daily text box.

Your goals in cycling. You may just be having fun and want to improve your racing or touring or you may want to go pro. If you have two or more goals (you shouldn't have more than two or three since having fun is assumed), prioritize them so I know which is most important to you.
If you are having any physical problems, are tired, have trouble sleeping and such, please list them here as well as any other medical problems I need to know about:

On-Season Information

Please send me your racing or touring schedule with your races or touring events in chronological order. I need to know the name of the event, race type (road, track, MTB, cross, triathlon,), Event type (i.e. road, Criterium, TT, stage race, pay ride, tour, etc.), distance, and dates.
Prioritize the three most important events:
Prioritize the next six most important events:

Off-Season Information

If you want me to program you for cross training, you need to provide me with a list of the events you can do on a regular basis, how long is the longest you normally do them in miles, kilometers, laps, or time and on which days you can do these events if there are any restrictions.

I need to know whether you prefer training on the bike, cross training, or a combination of the two (for off season only.)

Training Rides

Let me know about any training rides or races, which might be accessible to you during the week such as on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I need to know the distance, day of the week, and whether the rides tend to be flat or hilly. Also let me know how hard and aggressively the rides tend to be.

Since all of my riders that stick with the program do very well, as an inspiration to others, I'm starting a Recent Results Page on my site to post the results my riders have achieved. Please let me know if you would like to participate in this program.   Yes
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Be sure to Contact Me if you have any questions!

Coach Carl Cantrell

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