Another Coach Carl Winner...If you're not improving, tired of getting dropped, not enjoying cycling anymore - maybe even thinking about quitting the sport - I can help.

Whether you're a beginner, recreational racer, amateur or want to turn pro, the personalized, custom program I create and manage for you will be uncomplicated and easy to use, whatever your ultimate goals in cycling are.

I share the secrets of the pros and train you as if one day you'll turn pro, but you don't have to be, or even want to be a pro to see dramatic and satisfying results.

With my program you'll get:

  1. Programming and workouts updated as needed based on your fitness level, goals, life priorities, and preferred or available training resources;

  2. Training logs, charts and interactive graphs that we'll use together to track your progress;

  3. Weekly progress evaluation;

  4. Unlimited email coaching;

  5. Tactical and strategy consultation for races or just important rides;

  6. A proven program that works for all levels of riders;

  7. A Better Way To Train eBook included.

I normally charge up to $250.00/hour for my time when I coach individuals or teams onsite, but thanks to the convenience of the Internet and email, I can make my remote coaching services available to you for only $250 per month, with a four-month commitment.

You'll have a real coach - with 37-years of real experience - personally train you to be your best.

How it Works & Method of Payment

I'm not a 'coaching factory'. I set up all programs personally and then work with each rider one-on-one, so the number of riders that I can train and work with at one time is limited.

When you contact me, I give you a few options as to the time I have available to create your program and then begin your first 4-month training period. If one of those time periods works for you, the next step is to complete the Personal Coaching Information Form with the information I need to set up your initial program.

I do require payment for the first month in advance ($250 US) and I take my personal coaching clients on a first come, first served basis, so you may want to reserve your spot by using the PayPal link below or on the Payments Page. If scheduling doesn't work out, I refund the payment.

If I can answer any questions about my Personal Coaching program, please contact me anytime. You can also visit my FAQ page for more information.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Coach Carl Cantrell

PS Remember the off-season can be the most important time of the year to improve your fitness level. I can put together an off-season program that will have you ready for next season, without overtraining or getting burnt out.

Coach Carl Cantrell Four Month Personal Coaching

Learn more about PayPal Payments or Pay By Check

NOTE: The link above is for a four-month payment plan. You will be charged for the first month, then three more monthly payments. If you would like to send a payment for some other amount, please go here.


It's important for you to know the extent to which I believe in, and back up my training program for riders of all levels.

Even though I ask for a four-month commitment, if at anytime during your training program you are not completely satisfied with the results you've achieved, or feel like my program isn't making you a stronger, better rider while increasing your overall enjoyment of the sport, you can cancel the program and you won't owe me another cent.

After over 37-years, I know how to get the results you're after so I don't mind giving this type of guarantee. All I ask is that you just follow my program so you can see the results. That's it. No conditions. No fine print.

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