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My clients really enjoy my Dare to Dream e-Coaching Program because it gives them enough time to learn every aspect of the program, especially the on season and off season.  It makes it possible for me to work with my athletes for longer periods of time, get to know them better, teach them more about all aspects of the sport, and help develop them further.  They get quite a bit more satisfaction from the truly customized program plus, in today's bad economy, it makes it possible for them to continue to dream and achieve their dreams without making a huge financial sacrifice.

Most of my riders are still from categories 5 through 3 and come to me because they are struggling, no other coaches can help them, and they just want to be competitive at the front of the peloton and enjoy the sport.  But, because they  make a longer term commitment to me, I am able to take them further than most of them thought they would be able to develop.  This often causes them to stay with me even longer and permits me to take them even further.

For example, one struggling cat 3 college student came to me saying I was his last hope before he quit the sport and all he wanted and had not been able to get from any local or other Internet coach was to just develop physically and mentally to where he could race at the front of the cat 3 peloton and have fun.  He liked the results so well that he stayed with me for almost 3 years before leaving the program much more than satisfied with what I had done for him.  By the start of the 3rd year, he was consistently placing in the top 6 against US pro's and, a year after leaving my program, called me from Spain telling me he had been recruited by a Spanish pro team and thanking me for helping him achieve something he had never thought was possible.  I think I gave him a little more than he expected.

I have also had the opportunity to coach athletes in different sports for fitness development and management such as skating and running.  You have to understand that I have been trained to coach almost 20 different sports and can coach any sport for fitness development and management.  So far, all of these have been athletes who had given up on another sport because they were getting beat up by the better athletes in those sports and none of the coaches in those sports had been able to help them develop to where they could be competitive.  So, in frustration, they quit that sport and turned to bike racing quickly finding they had the same problem with getting hammered out the back of the pack and none of the local or other Internet coaches being able to help them.  Again, I was told I was their last hope before they quit this sport in frustration as they did their previous sport.

When I quickly moved these athletes to the front of the pack in bike racing, some earning their first ever medals in any sport, they decided to try their first sport again and found out that they could now compete on the front of those packs also.  For example, one athlete had left short track speed skating because he was tired of finishing last and being lapped with none of the coaches being able to help him improve.  After me helping him get better at bike racing, he tried short track speed skating to see how he would do with a more fit body.  He found himself hammering at the front of that pack also and, after only about 6 months in my program, he decided to return to his first love, short track speed skating, telling me he didn't need me any more because I was a cycling coach and he was once again a skater.  He was back 6 months later asking me to coach him for fitness development in skating and cycling at the same time because he had not stuck around long enough to learn how to properly manage the fitness program for continued development.  By the time I was through with him, he was a hammer in short track speed skating, inline speed skating, bicycle track racing, and bicycle road racing.  He stayed with me for a few more years and enjoyed and got more than he asked for.  I like giving my clients more than they ask for.

I now won't do any shorter programs because the Dare to Dream Program works so much better even though I will let a rider drop from the Dare to Dream Program before the contract has been fulfilled because I don't want to coach anyone who doesn't want me to coach them.  If for some reason, you need or want to quit the program, especially with this economy, all you have to do is let me know and I will cancel the program from my end so PayPal won't cause you any problems.  They seem to prefer the program be canceled from my end for some reason.

I am so happy with the Dare to Dream Program that it is the only program I will work now.  I only leave the shorter, more expensive program PayPal button on the site so you know how good of a deal you are getting with the discount so you will appreciate the program even more.  That button doesn't even work any more.

It takes time to properly develop the human body to a higher physical level because I am making permanent changes in your body.  I am literally restructuring your entire body with most of it being permanent which is why we call it fitness memory. When you are rebuilding the entire human body a few molecules at a time, it takes time to make those changes and make them right.

I like having the time to take my athletes to that higher level.  Many of you have been stuck in a mid to lower category for years and this program is designed to help you achieve your dreams whether it is to just race at the front in that category or try to go pro.  If you do what I tell you to long enough, you will get there but you MUST stick to the program for it to work.  A program cannot work, if you are not using it.

It is a simple but sad fact that most beginning racers will never make it to the cat 3 podium, much less to the professional level. Those of you who do make it to even the regional pro level know that you and all your friends took at least 10 to 15 years of hard athletic training to get there, whether in cycling and/or in another sport. Since I am a professionally trained and experienced “ human body mechanic”, I know how to take athletes to the highest fitness levels quickly but it still takes me at least three to five years to turn beginners into professional caliber riders pending their starting fitness level and how well they stick to the program.

I am really enjoying the extra challenge, work, and thrill of watching my athletes, regardless of the sport, develop along with teaching them how to change their thinking as they change the function of their bodies. I prefer to get an athlete who will stay with a coach long enough to develop a good working relationship so that I can really begin to take them places.

It is because of these things that I have decided to only offer a long term coaching special to those athletes who dare to dream for the higher levels of performance and have the determination and stubbornness to stick with it for the years required to reach the top. I have decided to call this program my “Dare to Dream e-Coaching Program” where I will offer e-Coaching to such motivated and inspired individuals for only $150/month to not only help you with your coaching but also help you with your finances. That will be a savings of $100/month or $1,200/year on my regular price.

Since I have been trained to coach almost 20 different sports, I want to extend this to athletes in other sports who are primarily looking for a fitness development coach to help them be more competitive athletes. I would especially like to work with athletes in sports for which the US doesn’t do too well internationally such as distance running, cross country skiing, skating, and singles rowing but can help athletes improve fitness in any sport and for any country. I have already helped some struggling weekend warriors improve significantly to obtain their goals in other sports like cross country running and short track speed skating. I would like to see what kind of damage I can do in other sports and how much butt kicking I can do in those sports. It will be fun.

If you fit into this category or know some one who does, just fill out or have then fill out my information page on my coaching section but, when you get to the goals box, start with “I Dare to Dream e-Coaching Special”, followed by your goals, and then follow the link on the confirmation page to the Payment Page to start your e-Coaching Program. There will be a minimum commitment of 12 months to the program and you can extend it each year until you have achieved your goals.

This program will come with the understanding that the price will not change as long as you stay with the program no matter what my regular coaching program price does. So, if you are willing to work for years to win a state, national, or international title, win a major sporting event, or just go pro, this program was designed for you.

Time Requirements

I have been asked about the time requirements for going pro with this program so I worked up the following information for you. Based on experience and using my system, I know I can have you riding competitively at the professional regional to national level for road racing in the US with the following weekly riding time requirements:

1 to 1.5 hours/day X 4 days = 4 to 6 hours
2 to 4 hours/day X 2 days = 4 to 8 hours
4 to 6 hours/day X 1 day = 4 to 6 hours
Total weekly hours = 12 to 20 hours

Note that for the lower categories, it will only take about 8 to 12 hours per week. The above is a normal week for a pro on my program and there will be weeks in which I use rest cycles (days off) to help you improve faster and your hours will be significantly less. Most of the time, I will have a competitive US pro riding at about 12 to 16 hours per week. Also, the required hours per week will probably not start so high and will be based on your fitness level when you come to me. For example, you may only start out at about 8 to 12 hours per week pending your fitness level.

How long will it take me to get you to this level?

It depends on:

1 The shape you are in when you come to me
2 How well you stick to my program

If you think you would like to take me up on this offer but want to learn more first, please contact me.

To start now, begin with the Rider Information Page.

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